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Plan a Vacation Within Your Budget

There are many tips and tricks that can help you stay on track with your budget, as well as help you take that vacation you want (and probably need). Continue on to discover some of the best ways to save money while planning your next vacation.

1. Consider Your Travel Options

It is true that purchasing a round trip plane ticket is typically the most convenient option when it comes to traveling. However, it is not always the most affordable option. Next time you are planning a vacation look into alternative travel options, such as:

  • Purchasing a combination of one-way plane tickets
  • Consider train or bust transportation; this can oftentimes be cheaper!
  • Driving might be more affordable. Calculate the gas cost, while taking into consideration the time you have available for your vacation.

2. Utilize the Internet

I know what you are probably thinking... how can the internet save you money? Well, you can save some big bucks by taking advantage of, which is a simple website that you shop through that will give you a percentage of your money back! It is as simple as that.

You can also sign up for emails from various booking websites, such as Expedia, that will notify you when certain deals or promotions are available.

Lastly, plan your vacation on various booking sites. Add your transportation and hotel accommodations to your online shopping cart, and then leave it in there. You will automatically receive updates via email on price changes regarding this desired trip.

3. Find Your Potential Savings

There are many needs and wants that pop up when planning a vacation. Do you really need a rental car during your vacation? The cost of Ubering or calling a cab service may prove to save you some money. Be sure you are taking into consideration that amount of driving you will really be doing once you arrive at your destination. Or will you be vacationing in Vegas or San Francisco... for these types of destinations, sometimes a rental car can turn out to be more of a hassle.

A few areas of potential savings are mentioned below.

  • Paying for luggage. Can you survive with a backpack full of clothes? Challenge yourself and see if you can lighten your load. Many airlines will allow you to bring a free carry on (plus a small bag or purse). Can you fit your necessities into this free carry on bag? This will also eliminate the wait time at the airport carousel.
  • Paying for your seats on the plane. There are two primary options for seating on your flights. If you opt for a cheaper airline, you can splurge and pay for first class seats at the front of the plane. However, if you are going to fly through a more prestigious airline, you may want to save money on seating. If you purchase your plane tickets at the same time and check-in to your flight as soon as possible, you will likely be assigned a seat next to your travel partner.
  • Consider an all-inclusive vacation. Depending on the type of vacation you are trying to take, an all-inclusive resort might be a great option. The price tag may seem a little steeper at first but if you consider the savings, it might pay off in the long run. With all-inclusive resorts, all of your meals and drinks are typically included.

It is possible to get where you want while staying within your budget. With a little careful planning, your next vacation might actually be within reach!